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Everyone I talk to these days loves Pinterest.  It’s a wonderful tool to help people learn new recipes, do it yourself home projects, plan weddings and vacations… the uses are endless.  As a writer, Pinterest can become a very valuable way to store up all the imagery you have for your project to be able to share later with your readers.

Currently on my Pinterest site, I have multiple boards that I use for both my writing as well as my own happiness. For writing, I keep track of writing quotes, photographs that inspire me, and physical things that my muses see and want to have in their stories. Other authors use pages to be able to create boards for their novels to show the research that they did to describe the scenery, or the tiny details in their worlds. Others use it as a “casting couch” to be able to show pictures of the actors that they have based their characters on, or just a general set of photos of models to be able to use for future character faces.

Out of all the social media sites out there, Pinterest is actually the easiest to dive into. When you sign up for an account, they will give you suggestions on people to follow so that you can have pins to look at almost immediately. It’ll then help connect you to anyone you may already know on Pinterest from whatever social media sites you link (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Gmail) and as you make boards and pin pictures to them, you will get suggestions on other boards to follow that have similar topics that you are showing that you like.

You will also want to get the PIN IT app added to your browser toolbar.  This will allow you to be able to take almost ANY picture on the internet and pin it back to your boards. This is handy if you have research and concept boards for your novels so that you can keep all your “bookmarks” on the board for yourself – and later your readers – while having images to help funnel the reason you were there.

Now, here’s the fun part: Once you have the image pinned, you will be able to click on your pin to be able to go back to the website that you pulled the image from. This will also allow you to organize your research in specific topics – like by novel projects – as well as keeping track of interesting ideas catalogued in one place for you to come back to when you’re ready to find your next project to work on.  How you organize it will be up to you!

Word of caution: if your links contain items that are considered emotional triggers, put warnings for them in your comment section on your pins so your readers will not be traumatized. And please remember to read the rules on what you can/cannot pin to the policies of Pinterest.

When you’re starting your boards, make sure you have a set plan for how you want to use Pinterest so that you are consistent on how you set up your future boards as your career moves on. You have the option of making your boards private or public, and as you start to gather a fan base, you have the option to change your account from being a personal account to a business account with the site. Private boards are great for you to be able to build the board secretly until you’re ready to let it go public with all your spoiler-y information. And if you change your mind on how you want to lay your boards out, a few hours of work and you can easily reorganize your pins and boards to make it look the way you wish it to be.

Just remember that like with any social media, you must focus on your time management because Pinterest will be a time suck as you look at all the other pins popping up on your dash and three hours later you will remember that you were actually working in that document that you call your novel.

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