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Having spent over 7 years now working on how to use social media to help build an audience and a brand, I want to share the tips and tricks of what I know with the writing community so that they can learn and grow in their self-marketing.  Because of the nature of social media, the websites are always changing in what they perceive as being “helpful”.  Over the next few weeks, I’m going to touch on a few of the main sites that people talk about and give you the basics.  Then, as things update, I can edit the posts to keep you informed of changes.  Look at the top of the post for the last time it was updated.



Rule #1 of Social Media = only read articles about the social media that are 6 months old or less.


If there is a social media site out there you’ve heard about and would like to see broken down on here, just shoot me off an e-mail!





Image Credit: Rafi.  View here to get any of these social media buttons for your website for free
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Exciting News Coming Soon about Egyptian Dreams!

A Fine Line: Herrick's Tale celebrates its 4th Book Release Day!


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Dealing with the pre-residency [spoiler mcspoilerson] for school is really making me consider installing a keg unde…
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