A Fine Line: Herrick’s Tale

Every heroic tale has a beginning.  However, that hero has to be brave enough to admit that sometimes his beginning may not be the most beautiful, the most charming, or even the cleanest beginning that has been recorded in all of history. Such was the tale of Herrick Rafin.

A Fine Line: Herrick’s Tale is your typical hero adventure: save the fair maiden from the evil wizard and restore balance to the world; but this world isn’t perfect, and the cast is made up of not so typical heroes.  No one is really what they seem in this story that is filled with magic, adventure, and amusement and you will be left wondering just how this group will even manage to stop fighting among themselves, let alone save the day.


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This novella is dedicated to the four unlikely heroes in my life: Joshua Bradley, Paschal Frisina, Robb Zahm, And Joseph Gearhart.  All for different reasons that they should know why – and not in relation to way too many nights lost playing some of the best D&D campaigns ever.

Cover Art designed by Merel Newton:: Site :: Deviant Art Page


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Exciting News Coming Soon about Egyptian Dreams!

A Fine Line: Herrick's Tale celebrates its 4th Book Release Day!


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