Lost Child of Hermes

When Zeus sends out an edict that all mortals will be killed off due to their disloyalty to the gods, Hermes decides to take matters into his own hands to stop this from happening and makes a hero of his line to fight against the gods.


However, someone forgot to tell Anton about his destiny…



Lost Child of Hermes is the epic story of the mortal son of Hermes; born to stop the annihilation of the mortal race and hidden from the gods out to destroy him until he is ready.  Orphaned early in his life, Anton is forced to live among different groups of people and endure some of the worst fates any mortal can live through – racism, slavery, torture, and even death – all because of a destiny no one told him he was to carry. Only when he is face to face with the God of War does he learn his fate, but is given no guidance on how to fulfill his destiny and stop the end of the world as he knows it.

This book is a YA fantasy taking place in ancient Greek times.  The trials that Anton goes through in his life are similar to situations that the modern YA reader would be able to relate to, especially if they find themselves a victim of bullying.  This book hopes to inspire the younger generations to be able to overcome the feelings of being a victim and finding faith in themselves – and others – when all they feel as if they are “cursed” to be this way.


Lost Child of Hermes is set for release Summer 2014 through Amazon via physical and digital formats.  Enjoy a free sample by clicking here.

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@chellamanart: The world needs a Deaf, queer superhero. https://t.co/HO66G9Agdb
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