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Alison Sky Richards currently has two novels published through Amazon, with more on the way. Read more about each project below.

 A Fine Line front cover LARGEA Fine Line

Every heroic tale has a beginning.  However, that hero has to be brave enough to admit that sometimes his beginning may not be the most beautiful, the most charming, or even the cleanest beginning that has been recorded in all of history.

Such was the tale of Herrick Rafin.

A Fine Line: The Tale of Herrick is the typical hero tale: save the fair maiden from the evil elven cult and become the champion of the people! For Herrick, though, this isn’t just a campfire tale – it’s hard, dangerous work. Add in a party that he isn’t sure he can trust, and Herrick just hopes he can survive the trip!

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Lost Child of Hermes

When Zeus sends out an edict that all mortals will be killed off due to their disloyalty to the gods, Hermes decides to take matters into his own hands to stop this from happening and makes a hero of his line to fight against the gods.

However, someone forgot to tell Anton about his destiny…

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Egyptian Dreams

When Jessica Roe came to Egypt, her only plan was to pick up where her great-grandfather left off on excavating the ancient ruins of the mysterious 14th dynasty catacombs.  What she didn’t expect to find was the lost soul of a pharaoh’s son trapped between worlds and searching for his lost love.



The Apostle Series

In the war between angels and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Devil is in the details.

Benjamin Vasquez got thrust into leading a survival group at fifteen when his father passed away. On that same day, a mysterious tattoo appeared on Ben’s chest that no one understood. It isn’t until Death comes calling ten years later that Ben realizes there is more to the apocalypse than he knows.  Expectations from above are more than Ben cares to follow, but if he’s going to stop the apocalypse, then they better get used to it.

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Nashville Parthenon

Release News

Exciting News Coming Soon about Egyptian Dreams!

A Fine Line: Herrick's Tale celebrates its 4th Book Release Day!


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