Alison Sky Richards fell in love with books before she was out of diapers. True, they were used more for teething than reading, but the stories were ingested just the same.  While other kids were out foraging adventures on the streets of New York, Alison was home playing with building adventures in her own head.  Her first novel was finished in 8th grade, with more manuscripts to follow.

At 15, Alison rediscovered Star Wars through the Expended Universe novels.  Those books would begin Alison down a journey to exploring her love for science fiction and fantasy genres.  That love became the foundation for Alison’s writing career, with a goal to find a career in media tie-in writing.

Alison now teaches writing workshops alongside NYT Bestselling authors Michael Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, and the late Aaron Allston at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA every Labor Day weekend.  She also lectures at various conventions in the southeast including Hypericon in Nashville, TN, and Imaginarium in Louisville, KY.  Topics include writing romance into your plot, realism in fight scenes, and using social media as a creative person.

A method writer, Alison has held two certificates of proficiency from the Society for American Fight Directors: broadsword and small sword.  Knowledge of the weapons played a key role in her two fantasy novels published through Amazon, as well as helping teach others how to use the weapons realistically in their own stories.

Currently living in Nashville, TN with her best friend Bethany and her cats,  Alison draws her inspiration from the creative energy surrounding the music community.  When she isn’t working her day job, she is either at her local Starbucks working on her next writing project or down at Bridgestone Arena cheering on her beloved Nashville Predators hockey team.  She can be reached on both her Facebook page and Twitter, as she operates both in the few remaining free minutes of her day.

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