On Depression and Writing… or ...

May 22, 2016 by

People ask me when I stopped writing, and I say I haven’t. The reality is that no, I haven’t “stopped” writing, but I’m not getting the output of words like I used to in my twenties and early thirties....

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DragonCon 2014 Schedule

Aug 3, 2014 by

I've received my "tentative" schedule from DragonCon and I wanted to share it with you so you know where to find me this coming Labor Day Weekend... I will be around after the Social Media 101 panel as well as in and out of the Writing Seminar room at the Hyatt all weekend.

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Social Media 101 – Pinte...

Jun 9, 2014 by

Everyone I talk to these days loves Pinterest. It’s a wonderful tool to help people learn new recipes, do it yourself home projects, plan weddings and vacations… the uses are endless. As a writer, Pinterest can become a very valuable way to store up all the imagery you have for your project to be able to share later with your readers.

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Social Media 101 – Twitt...

Sep 10, 2013 by

Using Twitter as a writer to be able to promote yourself is probably the easiest of the social media's to learn, but at the same time it's the easiest to make mistakes on. There is an entire language you need to learn, and how you craft your promotion to fit in the 140 character limit can sometimes make...

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